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? Interest Rate is always shown as Annualized (Yearly) Percentage Rate.

? A Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio is an indicator representing the size of a loan compared to the value of the assets securing the loan.

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  • Open Marketplace

    Marketplace structure reflects actual supply and demand allowing our users to find the best terms for their loan and deposit

  • Low Fees

    Collateral & money flow management automation makes interaction with our platform fast and easy

  • Protected by Collateral

    All loans issued on Squilla are collateralized

  • Automation

    Low origination fees to make our borrowers happy


Advanced Security

  • Audited Security

    Security is our priority, that is we continuously perform security audits and penetration tests by industry leaders

  • Cold Wallet Storage

    100% of the collateral is stored in multi-signature cold storage to ensure maximum security

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  • Military Grade Encryption

    We use military-grade security with 256-bit encryption to prevent malicious actors from accessing the platform

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